The purpose Pulse

We can't fix what we can't see is broken

According to Daniel Pink “There is a misalignment between what science knows and what business does.” Science knows that “intrinsic motivation” – autonomy, mastery and purpose – are the cure.

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Measure the 6 Factors driving engagement, retention, and burnout

For too long, we have have been stuck measuring the symptoms of problems, not the root cause.

The Purpose Pulse changes that.

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The Factors

6 Factors, 24 Insights

Each factor we measure is supported by 4 insights, created in collaboration with a PhD.

Stress Response

Measures the ratio of my productive (healthy) vs. unproductive stress

Energy Efficiency

Measures if my emotional, mental, physical and relational energy is being used efficiently

Life Alignment

Measures how closely aligned my roles @home and @large are with my identity + purpose

Work Alignment

Measures how closely aligned my role @work is with my identity + purpose

Personal Fulfillment

Measures how much meaning, contentment, and joy I am experiencing in my life + work

Lasting Impact

Measures to what extent I believe I am improving the status quo + making a lasting difference in others’ lives

Energy Efficiency Insight Sample

Measures my capacity to make important decisions throughout the day
Measures energy wasted on events beyond my control
Measures whether my interactions with others recharge or drain my battery
Measures whether I have enough energy to perform with excellence in all aspects of my life

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