How It Works

Culture Assessment

Mission Alignment Pulse
Growth Orientation Pulse

JourneyLIFE begins with an assessment of the current cultural opportunities and deficiencies of your organization.

Culture Health Score

Individual Reflection

Discover My Identity
Define My Purpose
Detail My Strengths

Everyone begins by going through three proprietary assessments to create a JourneyLIFE profile. This process results in greater self-understanding.

JourneyLIFE Profile

Growth Planning

Design My Path
Growth Conversations

Individuals articulate personal and professional goals and dreams to improve life fulfillment. Managers and teams have JourneyLIFE drive conversations about how to reach these milestones.

View Team Paths

Culture Analytics

Recurring Pulses
Advanced Analytics
Culture Insights

JourneyLIFE provides resources to check the pulse of your organization. Our analytics tools help you visually comprehend the data. We provide automated insights for opportunities to resolve cultural deficiencies and capitalize on opportunities.


Culture Insights

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