Become a Certified Purpose Mentor™

Add One-to-Many Purpose Content to Your Business

The CPM program trains you how to leverage the JourneyLIFE Experience, App, and Energy + Purpose Audit (coming soon) to grow or launch your business


Key Benefits

Launch a new business or enhance your offerings
The Experience

Gain access to a plug-and-play experience to provide one-to-many classes to teach people how to Live + Work on Purpose


Use the JourneyLIFE app to help clients write their purpose statement & promise, integrated into your existing content

Energy + Purpose Audit

The EPA is designed to measure alignment between an individual's purpose & missions


JourneyLIFE will continue to produce new experiences & technology to support & grow our CPM's businesses and enhance their services

Why leverage purpose?

Purpose is the cornerstone to a fulfilling & impactful life

For those looking to help clients reach their full potential as individuals or organizations, purpose is the ultimate tool.

- Fulfilled individuals produce on average $9,000 more value per year to organizations
- 74% of people believe they could find more fulfillment in their current role

I'm interested

What makes JourneyLIFE unique?

The JourneyLIFE Experience
The JourneyLIFE App
The 5 exercises in the JourneyLIFE App help individuals arrive at a purpose statement & promise faster and more accurately than any other programs.
Tailored for You
During the certification process, we will help you decide what parts of the JourneyLIFE content fit into your business and how you can use it to grow your business and add more value to your clients.
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