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Our team has experience designing and running workshops, running SMBs, launching products, and providing professional advice.

Founder, CEO
Jonathan Sloan
Advisor, Purpose Expert
Greg Sloan
Advisor, Product
John Murray
Our Mission

Help people find fulfillment at work

We believe in a world in which everyone is pursuing their purpose. We see the opportunity so many people have to live more fulfilled and engaged lives. More fulfilled people live happier lives, have better relationships, and endure hardships more successfully.

The most natural place for us to start is in the workplace, where many people seek to gain fulfillment. Greater fulfillment at work can lead to greater fulfillment in all aspects of life. Opportunities for growth in purpose can lead to long and successful careers for many under-appreciated employees that come from non-traditional backgrounds. Purpose can help differentiate an underlying drive that will overcome any gap in experience or skills.

As a mission-driven company, we believe in giving back from the beginning. We have started providing free and discounted opportunities for high school students to define their purpose as they prepare to decide what to do after high school. That decision is one that costs students tens of thousands of dollars, and far too many have made it without purpose.
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