Purpose + Energy Aligned

We teach people how to Live + Work on Purpose so they will experience greater fulfillment and impact in life.

By doing this we equip independent coaches and organizations with the tools to impact more lives more deeply.

Powerful Self-Reflection

Our process + team has been building fulfilling, productive, and meaningful lives for 10+ years.

First tested serving corporate leaders our process helps people at every age + stage
1) Discover their true identity and unique strengths
2) Define their purpose + a promise that drives success
3) Design a path @work, @home, and @large that increases fulfillment + impact

The Problem

In the US, 67% of the workforce is disengaged from their jobs


Over 50% of the workforce is actively seeking other employment


Harvard found 96% of executives report feeling burned out at work

Pay Cut

A BetterUp study found that 9 of 10 professionals would sacrifice 23% of salary for meaningful work

Our Product

How It Works

We use technology to enable scalable personalization of the employee experience, all grounded in purpose and fulfillment.

The Experience

Our leading offering, the JourneyLIFE Experience will help your team reflect on and begin working towards fulfillment and impact in the workplace.

The App

Our app is a scalable platform to enable and sustain progress made during the Experience by providing a digital touchpoint to our process.

The Experience

Purpose + Energy + Focus
= Impact

We draw out insights and inspire an awakening within each individual on your team to drive better outcomes.

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The Experience

Experience Modules

The Experience consists of six individual modules, tailored for groups of 20 team members.

Cast It

A brief interactive conversation about the theory and research supporting why learning how to work on purpose will position you to be more engaged, productive and fulfilled in your career and life.

Pursue It

Five self-discovery exercises, accelerated by our proprietary software, will enable you to quickly mine your story, discern your identity, discover your strengths, define your purpose, and declare your promise.

Share It

A set of dynamic collaborative exercises designed to promote critical thinking, vulnerability, and empathy within your team. Fellow participants offer objective perspective to help you draw out insights to clarify and validate the words you choose to define your purpose.

Remix It

A period of self-reflection designed to allow you to choose how to best incorporate the feedback you received in the previous session into the final draft of your purpose and promise statements.

Design It

A guided individual exercise designed to help you develop a career road map that enables you to take tangible steps to work on purpose today, and for the rest of your career.

Launch It

A graduation ceremony designed to celebrate the immediate impact that your decision to work on purpose will have on your personal fulfillment and success, and how it will directly affect your ability to lead organizational transformation over time.

Who am I?
Why am I here?
What do I do best?
How do I get there?

Pick your team's plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is purpose?

In the words of Dr. Angela Duckworth, best-selling author of Grit, purpose is the intention to contribute to the well-being of others. In simple terms, it's your unique opportunity to make the world a better place.

How are work and fulfillment related?

Hundreds of millions of people spend almost a third of their time every day at work. With that concentration of time spent on one mission, it is often people's most rewarding outlet for their purpose. When pursued at work, purpose can provide incredible meaning and purpose.

As a CEO, do I care if my people are fulfilled?

YES! Beyond building better lives for your employees, fulfillment creates business advantages. Companies with high levels of team fulfillment produce 30% higher profit than their peers.

Okay, I'm sold, how does it work?

Our Experience program is purpose-built to improve fulfillment on teams from 10 to 1,000. During the Experience, each team member will write a life purpose statement, understand their strengths and struggles, and begin to work on designing a fulfilling career path.
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